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Does Carmelo in Chicago make Bulls Best Team in East?

Carmelo Anthony does not want to be in Denver. He has reportedly turned down a 3 year, $65 million contract to stay with the Nuggets. Naturally, trade rumors have gone rampant, but where should he go? The best fits for Carmelo are in the Eastern conference. Anthony and his wife have let the sports media know the New York Knicks are a team he would like to play for. The New Jersey Nets are another possible team too. The team that lands Anthony will have to give up a lot of young talent, plus high draft picks. While New Jersey has lots of young talent, they seem unwilling to part with it, and I do not blame them.amare stoudemire The Knicks however, just simply do not have a package appealing enough for Denver’s liking. Their only young player of quality is Danilo Galinari. He is hardly the talent of Carmelo Anthony, and the Knicks cannot trade newly signed Amare Stoudemire and Raymond Felton until the season starts, because they were free agent signings this summer. These scenarios bring us to Chicago as the last team with cap room and young talent. The Bulls are full of young talent, and while they are certainly against trading star point guard Derrick Rose, they have many other players who would be a good fit in Denver. Center Joahkim Niah, and forwards Luol Deng and Taj Gibson are quality players for Denver. If Chicago got Carmelo Anthony, they could have Rose, Ronnie Brewer, Carmelo, and Carlos Boozer in thicago would become a serious threat to Boston and Miami in the Eastern conference, as well as a legitimate championship contender. carmelo anthony Chicago has amassed a solid young squad already, and adding Carmelo Anthony would make them more dangerous. But Chicago has a tough choice to make, do they sacrifice young talent and go for the championships now, or do they wait for some of the younger players to develop and keep improving? Either way, Bulls fans are very excited for the 2011 NBA season.

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