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Carmelo to the Lakers? It Makes Sense

The Denver Nuggets have finally realized what many NBA observers have known for a while, Carmelo Anthony will not re-sign with Denver after this season.

If not traded now, Carmelo will walk at the end of the 2011 NBA season, and the Nuggets will get nothing of value in return.

There are many possible suitors for Carmelo, many are eastern conference teams, such as New Jersey, Chicago, and New York.carmelo anthony

However the best fit maybe in Los Angeles, alongside Kobe Bryant. The Lakers must deal injury troubled Andrew Bynum, he is too much of a liability, and the Lakers are growing impatient.

Denver needs a solid center badly, something it has never had in the franchise’s history. A trade involving Carmelo to L.A. for Andrew Bynum and Ron Artest would help both teams.

Whether Carmelo gets traded now or at the deadline in February, the nuggets must deal him before the summer, because they cannot afford to let him go for nothing.andrew bynum

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