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2011 Celtics Will Give us Plenty of Laughs

The Celtics have many characters on their 2011 roster. Many of them are savvy veterans who like to pick on the rookies.

However, some of the pranksters are young guys, looking to make the time spent with each other a little more fun.paul pierce

Nate Robinson is a very outgoing guy. At the Slam Dunk contest at all-star weekends over the years, he puts on a show for the fans, with his comedy, and his dunking ability.

Nate is a guy who loves to pull pranks on teammates, but newly signed free agent Shaquille O’Neal is a master of trickery.

This Celtics team will be a hilarious group to watch, both on and off the court. Reporters will not have a problem getting a memorable quote.

What interests me about this team is the looseness they have for a championship caliber team. Just because they are professionals, does not mean they cannot have fun. Sports is all about fun, and while winning is certainly fun, having fun and fooling around all the time will lighten the tension during difficult stretches and losing streaks.

The Celtics are a veteran team, with a veteran coach who played many years in the NBA, Doc Rivers. He will let them have fun, but if they get out of line, he’ll bring them back. rajon rondo

Boston will prove winning comes from trusting and loving your teammates, and the friendship and bonds you create in the preseason, will only make you a stronger unit come June.

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