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Doc Rivers has Become an Elite NBA Coach

Doc Rivers is a very underrated coach in the NBA. He won the NBA coach of the year award in 2000 with the Orlando Magic, and an NBA title in 2008 with Boston.

With the game up in the air at the start of the 4th quarter in last night’s game 4 of the NBA Finals, Rivers put 4 bench players with Ray Allen on the floor. ray allen celtics

The bench played exceptionally, and Rivers refused to put his starters in until the last two minutes.

Rivers’ trust and loyalty with his players is huge in his success as a coach. Players love to play for him, and his passion is seen in his players’ play.

Doc, as a former player, is familiar to the difficult situations his players are facing in the playoffs.

Doc’s decisions in his player rotations has been faboulous all year. With all the injuries this season, Rivers has had to mix and match many lineups.

His great managing of the starter’s minutes was instrumental in not tiring Pierce, Allen and Garnett. The big 3 are fresh and enthusiastic during the playoffs.

Resting the starters allowed Doc to see just how good of a bench he has. His faith in the bench was rewarded in game 4, as Nate Robinson, Glen Davis, Rasheed Wallace, and Tony Allen won the game for the green team.

Rivers’ decision making, leadership, and his relationships with his players have made him an elite coach, and it time we give Doc the credit he deserves.glen davis

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