Sports and gambling “The total amount Americans wager legally each year has been estimated at more than $800 billion, with illegal gambling through office pools and other unregulated activities put as high as $380 billion by the National Gambling Impact Study Commission Report of 1999.”

Is there any doubt NBA official Tim Donaghy is just the tip of the iceberg when it comes to fixed games? NFL officials are not full time employees. The Mafia can fix just about any game they please. I am sure if Donaghy goes states witness and enters the witness protection program, more information will come out as to how wide spread the fix is in. The average fan will now wonder on every close call made (or not made) by an official if the fix is in. I predict more use of instant replay. Will David Stern be able to take this heat? I think he will soon look to retire so as to “spend more time with his family.” Look at Michael Vick; with his gambling on dog fights, could he have been vulnerable to point shaving?

Gambling is addictive. A bill to make online gambling legal within the US, using credit cards, has been introduced by Congressman Barney Frank. Where does this all end? Ever see the original movie “Rollerball?”

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