Conroy’s diligence paying off

Lorenzo Romar is the basketball coach of the University of Washington and also the 2008-09 Pac 10 Coach of the Year. He was in full praise of Will Conroy when he disclosed that Conroy was the most goal-oriented person he had ever met. Romar remarked that whenever Conroy set a goal for himself, Conroy tries his maximum best to attain it. He does not yield and never quits. Conroy appreciated what Romar had said about him. He said that Romar’s remarks have stuck with him and Romar has influenced his life in a big way. will conroy

Performance in previous season

Will Conroy is a guard with a height of 6 feet 5 inches. In the past season, he has been involved with D-League’s Albuquerque Thunderbirds. His statistics for the season are 4.6 rebounds, 7.6 assists and 26.2 points per game. During his previous 3 seasons, he has been raising his scoring average. Conroy revealed that he invested a large part of this summer concentrating on shooting the ball. During this season, he was advised to be more aggressive and reach the basket more often. And this is not all what he had done. He was also altering his diet and taking cognizance of the eatables he was consuming. The reason of doing so was that all of these were contributing to his success at this level. The results of all these efforts were obvious. He knocked down shots with more consistency in this season and made big plays for this teammates. Conroy hinted that he was attempting to be an extension of the coach on the court and thereby reduce his errors.

Instigation for Conroy

Conroy would be the first person to admit that as he played at Washington under Romar, he became thoroughly prepared to play at his current level and behave in a manner befitting a professional. Conroy accepted that he values Romar’s opinion 100 percent. Romar’s way to the NBA was not rosy and yet he remained devoted towards his intention and ensured that his dream was finally a reality. This attitude of Romar inspires Conroy and assists to keep him motivated and focused.

A dream come true

Conroy explains how important it is for him to play basketball. When he donned the uniform of a professional athlete for the first time, the moment was not simply a big deal for him but equivalent to his whole life. The people acquainted with him had a clear picture of the amount of input he had given to the game and the various sacrifices he had made. These people were assured that his perseverance had paid off. Obviously, this is not the termination point but the start of a bright future for Conroy. As long as he can stretch his memory, he can recollect only playing basketball. After having retrospection on his achievements so far, Conroy feels he is very fortunate and finds that there are numerous individuals who would like to exchange situations with him.

Undoubtedly, Conroy is toiling hard to realize his dreams, but he also finds time to attend events in Albuquerque. He delivers speeches at the Boys & Girls Clubs or at the local schools.

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