Number One team

The Boston Celtics has emerged as the team with the Number One power ranking. It moved up from its No. 3 position in the previous week. At present, this team has a 37-9 record. It has a Pace (Possessions per 48 minutes) of 89.4, Off (Points scored per 100 possessions) of 112.4 and Def (Points allowed per 100 possessions) of 101.2. In the past week, this team displayed four convincing wins which made it the Hero Team of the Week. andrew bynum lakers

Number Two team

The second rank goes to Los Angeles Lakers who currently have a record of 35-8. The team has progressed from its fifth rank in the last week. It has a Pace of 93.1, Off of 115.5 and Def of 106.1. When this team defeated the Spurs, Andrew Bynum completed his third consecutive double-double.

Number Three team

The Cleveland Cavaliers have dropped from its second position in the previous week to the third rank. It has a record of 34-8. The team has a Pace of 88.2, Off of 114.1 and Def of 102. Although, this team was defeated by the Lakers, it recorded 3-1 on the West Coast Trip. The team was victorious against Utah and Portland. In spite of numerous injuries, the Cavs are on the top of the Eastern Conference standings.

Number Four team

Orlando Magic has plummeted from its Number One standing in the last week to the Number Four ranking in the current week. The record of this team is 33-10. While playing against the Heat and the Celtics, their defense was not as per the expectations. This team has a Pace of 90.9, Off of 111.5 and Def of 103.

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