It is observed that the best rivalry in the NBA is between the San Antonio Spurs and Los Angeles Lakers. In a recent game at STAPLES Center on 25th January 2009, the Lakers defeated the Spurs by 99-85. Since the beginning of the 1998-99 season till date, these two teams have played 70 games against each other, if the playoffs and regular season games are added. At present, both the teams have won 35 games each. It is very remarkable that the teams are tied after playing for a decade. Coach Jackson>


Phil Jackson, the head coach of the Lakers said that these two teams extract the best performances of each other. The Spurs were called as a “measuring stick” by Kobe Bryant. During the game on 25th January 2009, Jordan Farmar was included in the side after he was away due to a knee injury. He scored 14 points in 17 minutes. Andrew Bynum exhibited 11 rebounds, 4 blocks and 15 points. Gregg Popovich, the head coach of the Spurs said that his boys had a long rivalry with these guys. Both these groups have beaten each other many times. He added that the games have always been aggressive and respectful. The teams have relished defeating each other.

In the NBA, there have been several rivalries however the one between the Spurs and the Lakers has remained afresh as new players have created a stamp on the proceedings. In the past decade, with the exception of 2006, one of these two teams has always reached the Finals.

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