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In the NBA there are several rookies to keep your eye on. Basketball fans may want to keep up on these players and see what happens.

The Toronto Raptors definitely has the most experienced member of the 2006-2007 rookie list. Jorge Garbajosa, 29 has been averaging 30 mpg and his playing time has not been fluctuating much so far this season.

Brandon Roy of the Portland Trail Blazers has done well in the last 15 games and this puts him up towards the top of the rookie class. Even with an injury he has managed to amass solid numbers throughout the season.

Adam Morrison is not the most consistent basketball player and he could use some improvement in this area. However, if he can improve he may rise in the rankings. His Charlotte team would appreciate the consistency.

The Toronto Raptors boast player Andrea Bargnani, also known as the Italian Stallion. He continues to improve over the course of his short career in the NBA. Bargnani is seeing more playing time and also filled in nicely for Chris Bosh.

Randy Foye is looking good and his improvement continues. He may be lacking a little in playing time right now but as that increases he should only get better. Here is a basketball player who does his best while on the court with the ball in his hands.

Several other players are worth watching also. The Memphis Grizzlies Rudy Gay is among the basketball players to keep an eye on as well as Paul Milsap of the Utah Jazz. Craig Smith who plays for the Minnesota Timberwolves and Jordan Farmer of the L.A. Lakers also make the list. Two other basketball players to pay attention to are Marcus Williams who plays basketball for the New Jersey Nets and J.J. Redick who plays for the Magic.

Although the NBA has gotten off to a slow start this year these rookies may help get things going for the game of basketball, the fans and the owners.

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