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Rockets lack offense

Last summer, the Houston Rockets made some important alterations to their roster but the team’s performance has not been up to the mark. Considering that Aaron Brooks, Brent Barry and Ron Artest were added to the team and still in 16 games they only ammassed 42.7 percent field goal shots and an average of 93.8 points per game. This shows that there is certainly a condition to worry about.

The Rockets is still one of the premier defensive squads of the NBA. It holds the first rank in opponents points per game (90.6) and is at the seventh position in opponents field goal percentage (43.1). During the 2007 summer, Jeff Van Gundy was replaced by coach Rick Adelman Adelman to enhance the offense, but because of surprise injuries the team’s attack is severely limited. Rockets Coach Adelman>

As a result of the above, the display of the team has been inefficient and stagnant. The latest evidence of the statement is that Indiana Pacers defeated the Rockets by a score of 91-90 in Houston. Adelman commented about this game that “Offensively, we didn’t finish the game. It was a game we should have won. If we would have done enough offensively, not made mistakes, we would have won the game.” Shane Battier said that “Our offensive execution was very poor down the stretch.” In the current season, the Rockets had an average of 18.1 assists per game. Rafer Alston, who is the best assist man in the team, has an average of only 4.7.

If Houston is to retain or improve its third place in the Western Conference the team’s offensive play must shape up considerably around Yao Ming.Yao Ming>

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