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Sacramento’s positive side

On Sunday (23rd November 2008), Sacramento Kings was defeated by Los Angeles Lakers by a score of 118-108. However, there is no need to be disheartened about Sacramento’s game. There are some bright spots in their team as described below –

Jason Thompson, the rookie and Spencer Hawes are youthful and hungry forwards and these two exhibit smart and hard play. These two along with veteran Brad Miller, who takes the center spot, are the three real beasts of Sacramento on the boards. As a matter of fact, Reggie Theus, the Sacramento coach, uses Hawes and Miller as the two centers and Thompson as a power forward for long stretches. jason thompson

If the games of Thompson and Michael Beasley of Miami are compared, one feels that Thompson is the better of the two. He just plays with an enormous heart. While playing against the Lakers, he pulled down 7 rebounds and at the end had 15 points on 7-of-10 shooting. In this match, Hawes and Thompson were successful in blocking two shots each.

Mikki Moore is yet to return from his ankle injury. Although, he is not a very special player, his athleticism is remarkable and he moves at full speed. Beno Udrih has appeared better than average in the backcourt and while viewing his game a thought flashes across one’s mind that San Antonio may be thinking that they had retained him for some more time. His play is full of vigor.

Kevin Martin has been absent in 8 consecutive games due to his ankle injury. In this period, he has been substituted by John Salmons. He has averaged more than 19 points per game. Coaches are fond of players who can play at several positions and deliver the goods when a star player is absent. Salmons now seems to be that sort of a player.

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