No Confirmed Date for Klay Thompson's Return

No Confirmed Date for Klay Thompson's Return Photo: TT
File photo: Klay Thompson sits on the bench watching teammates during practice for the NBA Finals against the Toronto Raptors in Oakland, California

It’s sad news for Klay Thompson’s fans when his alleged return to the court in December might not be possible yet.

Thompson, who had missed the last two seasons, has no official date yet for his return at the court.

On Monday, the Golden States Warriors announced via their Twitter account about Thompson’s progress. Thompson had greatly suffered from a torn right Achilles and left ACL. Although they have previously released a statement that Thompson will be joining them in December, still his physical condition tells otherwise.

Bob Myers, the Warriors General Manager, wrote on Twitter that Thompson may participate in the training camp on September 28 for various controlled drills. This is very helpful to him since he underwent surgery last November 2020. Thompson is known to be a sharpshooter alongside Stephen Curry. As a three-time holder of the NBA Championships, he owned an average of 19.5 points in his entire career.

JaVale McGee also commended how good Thompson is a good defensive player, but he thinks he’s going to struggle on it once Thompson returned to the court. However, he also believed that there’s nothing wrong with Thompson’s arms, so he might still be able to shoot accurately as before.

Meanwhile, another Warrior James Wiseman fell short on joining the pre-season because of his knee injury. He had also undergone surgery to repair his torn right knee and he is expected to recover on October 15. He may be joining the individual shooting during the Warrior training camp.

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