Lebron James and Anthony Davis Out Until Saturday Game

Lebron James and Anthony Davis Out Until Saturday Game Photo: TT
LeBron James speaks to the crowd right before a basketball game between the LA Lakers and the Houston Rockets Wednesday, May 12, 2021, in Los Angeles.

LA Lakers superstar Lebron James confirmed in his Twitter account that he won’t be joining the Lakers lineup until Saturday due to his ankle injury. At the same time, Dave McMenamin confirmed that Lakers Anthony Davis won’t be joining the team on Wednesday, because he is experiencing tightness in his groin.

With the absence of the Lakers superstar and Davis, it is questionable whether they have a chance to win against the Houston Rockets on Wednesday since Lebron James holds the majority of point contribution for the team. As recorded since May 2, James had been playing out of control due to his injury.

Anthony Davis said that the Los Angeles Lakers know their position well, that’s why they are desperately playing to win. If they win this season, this is going to be a confidence booster for all of them. Just in case Lebron James will make it by Saturday, then they can only hope that he’s back in the rhythm, so they can steal away the victory.

Davis also said that his groin got a little tight, but he had to strive to come back to the game because it was a big game for them. As the Lakers are trying to the 6th position against the New York Knicks, none of them including James won’t come out due to an injury.

Los Angeles is currently one game behind Portland and Dallas during the West Conference rankings. James has been playing 43 games this season, while Davis played 34 games. The LA Lakers had three games left for the season: Houston, Indiana, and New Orleans. They are hopeful enough to bring back their key players as they proceed towards the playoffs.

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