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Clippers register victory over Barcelona

On Sunday, 19th October 2008, an exhibition game was played which was a part of the yearly Staples shootout. In this game, Los Angeles Clippers defeated Barcelona by a score of 114-109.

Players of Clippers

Al Thornton scored 11 rebounds and 23 points. In the fourth quarter, rookie Eric Gordon scored 12 out of his 17 points. 3 players of the team were on the bench in uniform. These were Baron Davis (due to a sprained finger), Marcus Camby (due to a bruised heel) and Tim Thomas (due to a groin strain). Chris Kaman, the center, was told to rest by Mike Dunleavy, the coach, as in the coming five nights at the Staples Center there are three more exhibition games. Brian Skinner collected 4 points in 12 minutes. In the previous season, he was with the Phoenix. The first round draft pick of the Clippers, Gordon displayed continuous 3-pointers separated by 40 seconds that resulted in a lead of 102-93 for the Clippers when the balance time was 7:18. Al Thornton>

Players of Barcelona

Jaka Lakovic contributed 19 points while Ersan Ilyasova managed 20 points. Juan Carlos Navarro chipped in with 11 points in 29 minutes. He was the singular player in this team who was also a part of the Beijing Olympics squad that won the silver medal. When 9:08 was balance in the game, Fran Vasquez fouled out. Likewise, when 3:32 was left in the game, Daniel Santiago fouled out. When 5:03 was the balance time in the game, Lubos Barton and Lakovic exhibited 3-point baskets separated by 36 seconds and due to this the lead of the Clippers was decreased to 102-100.

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