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7 Best Free Agents in NBA Who Are Still Available

7 Best Free Agents in NBA Who Are Still Available Photo: TT

Later this month, NBA training camps are going to start opening, and surprisingly, there are a number of free agents who are still unclaimed. The list below showcases the players who have the talent that is needed to have a positive impact on a team under the right conditions.

1. Marquese Chriss

Chriss is known for being the overall eighth pick during the 2016 NBA Draft. He was selected just after Jamal Murray, and although Murray was able to ink a contract extension, Chriss has not been so lucky. He is still looking for a way to prove that he is still valuable and that he belongs in the league. During the 2016-17 season, Chriss played for Phoenix in 82 games, and had an average of 9.2 points, 4.2 rebounds, 0.8 steals, and 0.9 blocks. He even landed a spot with the All-Rookie Team. However, he has not had much luck since then.

2. Carmelo Anthony

Carmelo Anthony is one of the popular players who is still available. He even went on television just recently, to share that he is willing to do all that he can to get back into the league. In fact, he is willing to accept a lesser role than he previously had. He stated, “I know I can still play. My peers know I can still play. I don’t think it’s about basketball anymore.”It is quite rare to see talent such as Anthony, who is still healthy, having issues in finding a home. According to reports, the Sixers, Clippers, and Lakers have been rumored to be considering taking ‘Melo in.

3. Jamal Crawford

Another free agent that is still available is Jamal Crawford. The player will be celebrating his birthday soon, turning 40 years old. However, based on his performance form last season, he still has enough left in the tank. Even on the final days of the previous season, Crawford showed that he is still able to contribute 51 points off the bench. Due to his last performance, he proved to be the oldest player in the history of the league who is able to score at least 50 points. Plus, he is the first to ever tally more than 50 points by playing in four different NBA teams.

4. J.R. Smith

J.R. Smith was not able to play much with the Cavs last season. In fact, he played in just 11 games before the team decided to part ways with Smith. The team simply chose to focus more on their young core. However, in the previous season, JR was able to start in 61 games, and had 37.5% scoring percentage downtown based on 381 attempts. This is surely one of his key features that makes him an asset as the league values 3-point shooting a lot.

5. Ryan Anderson

Over the last couple of years, Anderson has been seen bouncing around the league. As a result, he has been a non-factor in all the teams that he has participated in. Due to that, it becomes easy to forget that he did average 13.0 points for the Rockets during the 2016-17 season. Apart from his stats, he is still just 31 years old, and most believe that he could still be able to help any club that chooses to take him in.

6. Kenneth Faried

At the start of the previous season, Kenneth Faried was simply a forgotten man. It took him some time before he was able to re-establish his value in his new team. As it happened, Brooklyn waived him in January, and then he started in 13 games for the Rockets. Throughout his career, Faried has actually been productive on the floor. He is known for being one of two players in the history of the NBA to be able to post career averages more than 11 points.

7. Luol Deng

Luol Deng is a veteran, plain and simple. He showed some signs of life sometime last winter, when he was able reach 52% shooting within ten games for the Wolves. Unfortunately, he was sidelined with an injury during the last two months of the season. Still, it can be said that he is still able to guide the younger players due to his veteran status.

These are only a handful of free agents that are still able to contribute to any team. Of these, the players above are at least ranking on top and still worthy of mention.

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