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Kawhi Leonard Ripped by Executives in NBA

Kawhi Leonard Ripped by Executives in NBA Photo: TT

Over the past few months, Kawhi Leonard has been a hot topic. However, despite his dazzling performance during the NBA playoffs, it seems that he has not really impressed anyone.

His efforts with the Toronto Raptors have been quite historic, giving the franchise their very first NBA Final victory. Plus, it was also his second NBA Finals MVP win. Unfortunately, there are some NBA executives who have released some statements aimed at the notoriously soft-spoken All Star.

According to one general manager from the Western Conference, “Kawhi is great getting his, but he doesn’t elevate anyone… He doesn’t rally his team.”

Another executive added, “He does have leadership qualities, but it depends on how you define ‘leader’… He’s obviously not vocal, and he’s not a galvanizer. He does it with his work ethic and by example.”

After the free agency season, Leonard was able to sign a deal with the Los Angeles Clippers for $103 million over three years. This came after Paul George also joined him. On his third year, Leonard has a player option, so basically he and George can then be free agents in 2021.

While usually quiet, the thoughts of executives often reverberate throughout the league. Then again, since Leonard was able to lead the Toronto Raptors to its first title, despite the fact that they have bombed out the last few seasons, then he certainly must be doing something right still.

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