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Raptors Fans Grieve Over Kawhi, But Still Thankful

Raptors Fans Grieve Over Kawhi, But Still Thankful Photo: TT

Kawhi Leonard has finally made his decision, and has opted to leave Toronto Raptors to sign with the Los Angeles Clippers. This turn of events has not really left fans shocked, but still managed to cause them some grief.

Despite this, fans have expressed gratitude to Kawhi Leonard for his efforts with the Raptors. Giving them a year to remember.According to Richard Tiangco, a fan, “It’s sad, but you know what, he brought us an amazing year that our city may not see for many years… If you’re a true fan, you’ll appreciate what he did for us.”

Reports have already started circulating since Saturday that Leonard had agreed to sign a four year deal with the Los Angeles Clippers at $142 million. This definitely stopped the obsessive Kawhi watch that was ongoing – not only in the city but throughout the entire fan base.

Majority of the Torontonians were at the edge of their seats, desperately waiting for news whether or not Kawhi would stay with the Raptors or go back home. Geoff Lau even said, “I just don’t get why you would go to the Clippers when you have a whole country behind you and you could try to do it for a second time with the Raptors. But I guess he just wanted to be home and nothing beats that, right?”

Like most fans, Lau felt that Leonard was comfortable in Toronto. They felt like the Raptors were able to manage his injury quite well, and were definitely respectful to him as well as his team. Only difference was that Toronto is just not L.A.

In the end, all the mayor of Toronto could do was post a video, thanking Kawhi for all his efforts, and wishing him good luck.

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