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NBA Free Agency, Day 1: Winners and Losers

NBA Free Agency, Day 1: Winners and Losers Photo: TT

The NBA free agency circus is off and running, and chaos ensues even on its opening hours. While there are still many pieces that are expected to fall – many of high-profile nature – Day 1 already saw its share of losers and winners.

The Winners

Utah Jazz

The Jazz got a boost in their team’s standing by adding Mike Conley into their team. Plus, with the acquisition of Bojan Bogdanovic, they have now a player who is considered as a two-way asset, with excellent floor spacing abilities. Although they let go of Favors, they also acquired Ed Davis at a great value.

With those acquisitions, their new line up could work well in their favor.

Brooklyn Nets

One of the biggest dominos in the world of free agency fell in Brooklyn. The team just picked off Kevin Durant and Kyrie Irving minutes into the opening. Those two players are obviously a great addition to the franchise.

While Durant will not have much of an impact for 2019-2020, Brooklyn also acquired DeAndre Jordan and Garrett Temple to further fortify its roster.

Sacramento Kings

Although the Kings may have overpaid to keep Harrison Barnes, they had some choice additions. They added Trevor Ariza on a two-year contract, and Dewayne Dedmon. Although Dedmon is not always an exciting player, he is a good player who is able to space the floor and defend the rim.

The Losers

Golden State Warriors

Unfortunately, the Warriors are among the losers, largely in part of Durant leaving. Although the Warriors scrambled to acquire D’Angelo Russell, but in doing so, they lost Andre Iguodala due to severe roster constraints.

Naturally, the Warriors will still be a force to be reckoned with on the court with its roster. Although it can be said that despite acquiring Russell, the team would not really be as good long-term as they could be with Durant on their side.

Stephen Curry

Although not a team, Stephen Curry is seen as a personal loser due to the fact that he flew all the way to New York just to meet with Durant. Despite the effort, he found out mid-flight that Durant had already made up his mind and signed decided to go with the Nets.

New York Knicks

The Knicks were not able to acquire Durant – so that’s basically a loss. Their rival, the Nets got the players they wanted instead. Overall, the Knicks really lucked out, and their current roster and contracts are not really ideal. So, in a way, they definitely among the losers.

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