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Why Dwyane Wade is my favourite player

Whether built from, or accepted, Chicago has produced top tier level athletes. There’s Michael Jordan, Isaiah Thomas, and then there is Dwyane Wade.

From the depths of Chicago, Robin Illinois to be exact, Dwyane Wade has shown great resiliance since his rookie year. Wades Resiliancy was displayed during his 2006 Finals MVP run, where he averaged nearly 35 points, and 8 rebounds. Down 0-2, Wade led his team to an asstounding comeback. After Diving for loose balls, and being a masterful technician with the rock during the series, Wade has since adopted the “flash” monicker.

Off the court, Wade contributes to charities, and social issues. Not only has he shown that he can be a great player, Wade has shown that he is an even better person by receiving the NBA Assists community award in 2018. An Award that recognizes the NBA player who contributes the most to charities, and social issues.

The NBA veteran has since spent more than 15 years in the league, and adopted another monicker “father prime,” which was given to him because of his continued resilliancy at an older age. One day, Wade will no doubt be a sure-fire hall of famer, and take his place amongst the nba greats.

Because of the things stated above, Dwyane Wade is my favourite player.

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