Williams saves Clippers and keeps playoff hopes alive

Williams saves Clippers and keeps playoff hopes alive

In Los Angeles, the LA Clippers have just completed their comeback of the season. They were able to beat the San Antonio Spurs at 113-110, overcoming a 19-point deficit.

Recently, the LA Clippers have been looking at a possibility of not appearing in the playoffs. But their recent victory has at given them a spark of hope that the playoffs are still a possibility.

According to Doc Rivers, “Lou Williams made a game winning pass and there are so many lessons there. So many guys will shoot it anyways because they think they have to and Lou saw the open guy, hit Austin, makes the shot. That’s complete trusts and that’s how you win in basketball.”

Some of the key points during the game are as follows:

  1. Williams has saved the Clippers – So far this season, nobody has played better during the fourth quarter than Lou Williams. His performance during the game against the Spurs could have possibly salvaged the Clipper’s season. Currently, Williams stands as the Clippers’ leader in assists for the season. During the last seconds of the game, Williams had the ball but spotted Austin Rivers. He then passed the ball to Rivers who confidently made the three-pointer shot. This gave the Clippers the winning lead.

  2. The San Antonio Spurs start fast – It is not a surprise that the Spurs opened with efficient offense, which is something they are known for. On the other hand, the Clippers offense did not start quickly. This enabled the Spurs to grab an early lead – which, despite their lead, Gregg Popovich still called on his team as soon as the Clippers regained momentum.

  3. Clippers started with a different combination – For the nth time this season, the Clippers started the game with different starters. This was partly due to the fact that Danilo Gallinari had aggravated his hand injury, so the team started with Tyron Wallace, Austin Rivers, C.J. Williams, DeAndre Jordan, and Tobias Harris. At the half, Doc Rivers switched Williams with Thornwell, and gained even more momentum.

  4. Tobias Harris railed during the first half – While facing a huge deficit in the second quarter, the Clippers were able to rally and outscore the Spurs 19-7, managing to pull up behind the lead with only a 6 point deficit. It was Harris who led all the scorers with his 17 points at the midway mark. With this victory, the Clippers were able to put together their second biggest comeback for this season, behind the 21-point deficit they had against the Pelicans earlier during the season.

  5. Marjanovic at the line – It is no question that Boban Marjanovic’s size has been a challenge against every opponent when he goes in. Standing at 7 feet tall, Marjanovic makes look Pau Gasol look tiny. During the game, Marjanovic has been able to wedge himself and stay open under the basket, as result, the Spurs have to either foul him or let him have an easy layup. They chose fouls, so Marjanovic was able to shoot 10 free throws for the night.

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