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Cleveland Cavaliers Bounces Back the Best Way Ever with a 13 Winning Streak

Cleveland Cavaliers Bounces Back the Best Way Ever with a 13 Winning Streak Photo: TT

It wasn’t too long ago when the Cleveland Cavaliers made headlines for their 4 game losing streak. Now, the Cavs are back and for an impeccably different reason – winning 13 games in a row. Using the same winning shot against the playoffs to beat the Bulls, LeBron made a 3-pointer when it counted, with only 15 seconds left to the game. The Cavaliers finished with a franchise record of 13 straight wins, beating the Sacramento Kings 101-95.

The King and Game Changers

While the King will always remain the King on the court, there are times when a team needs to pull together, giving it everything they’ve got, whether they’re starting players or from the bench. Letting Kyle Korver and Jeff Green to play boosted the Cavalier’s offense the night they were playing against the Sacramento Kings.

While it seemed that the Cavaliers were leading against the Sacramento Kings, they were only mere points ahead. Offensively, it wasn’t their best during their winning streak. They were only able to shoot 47% from the floor, committed a total of 15 turnovers, as well as getting only 13 for 21 from the free throw line.

Heading into the fourth quarter, the Cavaliers were trailing behind the Sacramento Kings, 78-73. Just when the Kings thought they could go for an 8th winning streak, Korver changed the game. He was able to shoot three pointers to give Cleveland their first lead during the second half. And with only 20.6 seconds in the game and a nerve-wracking 5 seconds on the shot clock, LeBron James made his signature Chicago play to land the Cleveland Cavaliers their 13th win for the season.

The next highest scorers for the Cavaliers on that historic night came from the bench, with Jeff Green scoring 17 points. The King totaled 32 points to lead the Cavs to a victory that night.

James Made the Call

Making the call to play Chicago during the last seconds of the game wasn’t something the coach told the players. It was a play that James thought the team needed to either go to overtime or win the game. Making the play resulted in the latter.

During a post-game interview, Tyronn Lue admitted that he wanted to run a different play but that James wanted to run Chicago. Rather than push the matter, Lue let James call the play and it seems it’s a decision that he wouldn’t be regretting.

Another call that Tyronn Lue made during the game that he surely won’t regret is putting Kyle Korver into the game. Aside from being one of the team’s sharp shooters, his presence made sure that James had a better opening for making plays. By the time the King’s players realized that Korver was making points, there were more players guarding him. Korver was used not only to make points that contributed to the team’s win but also as a decoy.

Tying the Franchise Record

This isn’t just any 13 winning streak for the Cleveland Cavaliers. By getting to this point in their career, they are able to tie the franchise record made the Cleveland team back in 2009-2010. Is this how far the current team will go? Fans will have to wait and see but the team is aiming to break the record and push it to 14 straight wins.

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