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Steph Curry Questionable for Game against Orlando Magic, Warriors Need to Step up Their Game

Steph Curry Questionable for Game against Orlando Magic, Warriors Need to Step up Their Game Photo: TT

The Golden State Warriors have been on a high with six consecutive victories. But, after colliding with Ben Simmon’s knee while trying to fight over a screen during the Warriors vs 76ers match, Curry has suffered a thigh contusion. He had a noticeable limp when he arrived for the postgame media. With the Warriors officially listing Curry as questionable on Monday against Magic, media has been abuzz with speculations.

Warriors Without Curry

The Golden State Warriors is a strong team and no doubt has a pool of talented players. However, it cannot be denied that Steph Curry contributes a lot to help the team win. But aside from Curry, the Warriors also have Andre Iguodala, Shaun Livingston, and Patrick McCaw. If and when Curry should sit the Magic game out, people can most likely expect Shaun Livingston to replace him in the first five.

In fact, it has been said and written about that a game without Curry should be a good test for the Warriors. The team, in general, boasts the league’s best offense. They are considering 9th ranked defensive efficiency and the team has the highest net point differential of 14.4 points per game.

Without Curry in the picture, viewers and fans can expect a lot more playing minutes primarily from Andre Iguodala. Shaun Livingston and Patrick McCaw should be able to plug the point guard hole if it is in fact confirmed that Steph will not play. Last but not the least, the Warriors still have a good powerhouse left even without Curry in the picture through Kevin Durant and Draymond Green.

Is this an advantage for the Orlando Magic?

It could very well be an advantage for the Orlando Magic if Steph Curry will not go through in this game. While the team has never stood out as much, they are however, proving haters wrong this season. They are playing their best game in years and have a record of 8-5.

Their turnaround is due to three different factors:

• Their new coach by the person of Frank Vogel is making a positive difference for the team. • Aaron Gordon, the team’s young hybrid-forward has learned how to shoot and how to shoot well. • They have played five potential playoff teams.

The appearance of Gordon in the team is also making quite a positive change for the Orlando magic. This year, he’s been hitting 55.3% of his threes, leading the league in that percentage. He is also averaging 4.9 three attempts per 36 minutes, that’s more than he did last year. If Gordon continues to make those shots, the Warriors will need to do everything that they can to keep the Magic from happening.

And let’s not leave it at Gordon for the shooting magic. The rest of the team is also shooting much better than expected from previous performances. The Orlando Magic is second after the Warriors when it comes to three pint shooting percentage. The Magic also trail behind the Warriors in possessions per game. While the Warriors have 116.5 points per 100 possessions, the Magic averages 106.9 points per 100 possessions.

The point of all this? The Orlando Magic is playing the style of the Warriors. This means it should be an interesting game whether or not Steph Curry decides to play or not.

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