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LeBron James Scores 57, Helping the Cleveland Cavaliers Bounce Back After 4 Straight Losses

LeBron James Scores 57, Helping the Cleveland Cavaliers Bounce Back After 4 Straight Losses Photo: TT
LeBron James reacts after scoring a three point shot during the game

It ain’t over for the Cavs just yet. After incurring four straight losses, you’d start to think when will this team start to bounce back, or if they’re ever going to make it out? The Cleveland Cavaliers proved many wrong after winning 130-122 over the Washington Wizards on November 3, 2017, putting their losing streak to an end.

It was an epic night, most especially for LeBron James, as he scored a whopping 57 points, 11 rebounds, and seven assists to end the night in their favor over the Wizards. This marked the 11th time the King has gone over the 50 point mark in his gaming career. If there ever was a doubt about the Eastern Conference supremacy, he definitely shut it down with his performance last night. Even expressing that “This is the best I’m feeling in my career”.

So what went on that night for the King and for the rest of the team?

While it seemed James didn’t need any help at all, his teammates Derrick Rose and Jae Crowder also topped their season highs by the third quarter of the game. Rose with 20 points and Crowder with 17 points.

While the Wizards coach, Scott Brook, knew it was going to be one heck of a game with James in the Cavaliers, they still weren’t able to stop the dominant player on the court, even though they tried, at the cost of Wizard’s point guard John Wall hurting his shoulder pretty badly.

On the other hand, James was on fire that night. Wizards forward Kelly Oubre Jr even said that: “He (James) was on a different level tonight.” This certainly rings true as the four-time MVP continues to churn out milestones in his career. After the game against Washington on Friday, LeBron James passed the 29,000 career points mark, making him the seventh player in NBA history do so, as well as the youngest player in the history of the NBA to be able to reach that milestone.

By making 23 out of the 34 field goal tries in the game, this also made LeBron pass Kevin Garnett and John Havlicek to be the 11th on the list of all-time field goals made. Aside from that, he also passed Shawn Marion for 18th place on the all-time steals list.

Lastly, the game against the Washington Wizards marked LeBron’s 800th consecutive regular season double digit scoring, falling second behind Michael Jordan who logged a total of 866.

LeBron is definitely out on a mission – to be able to make it to the NBA Finals this year. Not even the comments of the Wizard’s two starting guards about the Cavaliers wanting to avoid the team in the playoffs last season seemed to faze LeBron. Asked about what he thought regarding Beal and Wall’s comments, James simply said: “I don’t have a comment about that. I have so much more on my plate right now.”

The Cleveland Cavaliers remain a strong contender for the NBA Finals and that is something many fans are looking forward to.

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