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DWade to CLE

Man oh man right when you think the NBA offseason is done, it takes you on another wild twist and turn. So after the Chicago Bulls narrowly snuck into the playoffs last year, they seemed like they could make some moves. They started off winning the first two games against the top seeded Boston Celtics, on their home court, and took a 2-0 lead back to Chicago. Then disaster struck. Rajon Rondo injured his wrist at the end of the second game and that was unfortunately all he was going to be allowed to play for that series. With Rondo gone, the series was near over after looking at the underlying daily fantasy basketball implications. Rondo dominated in the first two games of the series with near triple-doubles and was able to keep all-pro Isiah Thomas contained.

Fast forward a couple months and there is uncertainty in Chicago. Dwyane Wade signs his player contract, Jimmy Butler has voiced his frustrations with the club, and Rondo is without a deal. The three alphas from just one year ago had regressed mightily. Then there was a huge shock on draft night. Tom Thibodeau, former coach of the Chicago Bulls, pulled off a blockbuster trade where he acquired his former all-star swingman Jimmy Butler to pair with his young superstars Andrew Wiggins and Karl Anthony-Towns. Bulls were compensated with two high-upside young players, Zach Lavine and Kris Dunn, and swapped first round picks to go up to number seven overall. From there, Wade was extremely upset with what management has done to the team and then he voiced his disapproval, after opting in, and his desire to get a buyout from his contract. Now, fast-forward to the 26th of September and news breaks that Dwyane Wade will be joining LeBron James in Cleveland on a cheap one year deal.

There has not been an offseason in NBA history, or professional sports history for that matter, where so many players with massive talent gets shuffled all over the league onto a new team. This is the arms race to see who can best equip themselves to take on the perennial favorites and defending champions Golden State Warriors. The offensive numbers when two offensive juggernauts like the Oklahoma City Thunder and Cleveland Cavaliers meet in a game will require little daily fantasy research and lots of stacking of the most reasonably priced players on each team. Did Cleveland get enough to push them past the Warriors? We shall see.

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