NBA Playoffs 2015

NBA Playoffs 2015 are just entering in 2nd round that is the Conference Semifinals. Six out of eight teams are qualified while only two teams are yet to play their final games.

In the Eastern Conference, Atlanta Hawks have a lead (3-2) over Brooklyn Nets, which means they need 1 game to advance in the next round. This could be the 6th game or 7th if Nets win 1 more game. The team qualifying for the next round will be playing against Washington Wizards in the conference semifinals. Cleveland Cavaliers will be playing Chicago Bulls in Eastern Conference Semifinals.

In the Western Conference, Golden State Warriors will be playing Memphis Grizzlies as they both have won their respective first round battles. Houston Rockets will play the winner between Los Angeles Clippers and San Antonio Spurs. Clippers and Spurs are tied with three games each and the 7th and final game will be decider for them.

Favorite Team

All the teams in the NBA Playoffs (as well as the ones already been knocked out) are beloved by their fans. However, there are a few that are showered with love by the fans of the game. The top four teams from NBA Playoffs so far are:1. Golden State Warriors2. Cleveland Cavaliers 3. Chicago Bulls4. Memphis Grizzlies

Fan Favorite Player

LeBron James

The most favorite player for the NBA Playoffs 2015 is nobody else but Cleveland Cavaliers’ LeBron James. He is everybody’s favorite because of his all time performance record, especially because this is his lady time in the Playoffs and is his last season with the Cavaliers.


What I see is that Washington will go head-to-head against Cleveland in the Eastern Conference Final. The two teams who I think are going to the Western Conference Final are Golden State Warriors and Houston Rockets, not because they both were division winners but due to their recent good performances. For the NBA finals, I think it is going to be Warriors vs. Cavaliers and Cleveland Cavaliers will defeat Golden State Warriors after a tough fight. Even if the team doesn’t perform at its best, LeBron James will get his team close to the victory and eventually win the tournament for his team and fans.

Live Streaming Issue and Solution

Unfortunately, all the major channels broadcasting NBA Playoffs are not accessible to fans in different regions of the world. This is taking all the fun away, but there is a solution to this problem; a VPN. A VPN helps changing your IP location to wherever you want and then you can access any geographically restricted content. VPN is now widely used for live sports streaming and is not considered illegal and is never banned. I use PureVPN for live sports streaming around the world. If you cannot access NBA streaming channels, use a VPN to overcome geo-restrictions from anywhere in the world.

Now for all the NBA fans worldwide, the Playoffs will become more exciting and interesting. Lets see what last years champions Spurs can make it to finals this time or we would see a new winner this year.

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