The count applies to the number of balls in baseball and softball and strikes a hitter has on their current plate appearance. The number, for example, is 3-1 or a 3-1 count,” the first is the number of balls and the second the number of strikes. It is generally announced as a number that will number three times. The count may also apply to a single square before its delivery; a square tossed with a count of three knots and one punch, for example, will be considered a “three-one square.” Even is regarded as a count of 1-1 or 2-2.


Zeroes in baseball are no-hitters or perfect games where the scoreboard’s record is 0–0–0. When relating to no-hitters and perfect matches, they are arbitrary because opposing teams will make mistakes. It usually appears as 0-0–0, no runs, no strikes, no scoreboard errors.

Zeroes are generally pronounced ‘oh,’ while 0-0 is seldom expressed as such until at least one pitch has not been thrown. The number is usually not indicated. When the count is three, the batter strikes out, and when the count is four, the batter gets a base on balls.


It is a common name for a count of three balls and two strikes on the batter. The expression Zeroes can be derived from old scorecards, which had three-ball and two-strike places since this is the maximum number for either of them, since a strikeout, a walk, or a single is possible before the plate appearance ends. For this reason, still many scoreboards use light bulbs, so a 3-2 count means all bulbs are entirely illuminated. The term poker perhaps inspired the alternative term full house or variation term for a hand of three sorts and pairs.

Another batter hit will lead to a strikeout, and another ball leads to a walk. But a hitter can hold both balls forever by hitting foul balls to avoid zeroes, so a maximum number does not necessarily mean that there are just five pitches, nor is there only one additional pitch to throw. Baserunners run on the pitch even though they do not run very far, particularly with two exits, because the hitter either would hit the inning, move forward while the first base is busy, or play the balls out will be the third in the inning.