A rainout is a game that is either discontinued, delayed, or canceled due to the heat. Snow, clouds, fires, high winds, lightning, or other factors that can create a danger for the playground or audiences, are not raining routines. Rainouts may lead to rainfall. When rain or other conditions happen before the start of the game, the game’s beginning will be postponed or the game canceled on that day. The game is then usually re-sheltered to be played later, such as a double-header or if the two teams on their calendar have a typical day.

If the rainout occurs at the end of the season and the game does not take place at the championship, it will quickly be lost. A “rain check” is released for viewers who have purchased tickets for a rainout event. It is usually traded for make-up access or a game later in the season. A rainout can also happen after the game has begun; the game is named at this stage. The game will restart as soon as conditions allow and play to its end if conditions improve; this is often called a rain delay.

In general, sports halted because of rain’s arrival included baseball, golf, tennis, and cricket. Even mildly moist weather affected the players’ consistency and safety in these three sports. In the last decade, in the case of tennis, many venues have constructed retractable roofs over existing courtyards and stadiums to prevent rain delays that can push a tournament beyond the final date.


When four and a half Innings have been played, and the home team leads or 5 Innings have been played, a game is called a regular game. If a rainout stops a game which is a regulation game, from being completed, the outcome will be reached, and the rest of the game will not be played. If the game is not yet a regulation game, all records will be eliminated and replay the game.

The game is postponed and is reopened at a later stage if the game is a regulatory game, but the score is tied as called or if the winning team took the lead in its last half-inning at-bat and the home team did not have the opportunity of completing its turn at-bat. If a halt is impossible due to the season’s close, so only a draw or a victory for visiting teams is required to stand.