Any individuals have meticulous communication abilities, either deliberately or unintentionally. It can help to overhear important stuff, but it can be a hassle when the baseball court has the wrong ones officiate a game of rabbit ears on the baseball court. They take it all literally and play it instead of just naming balls and hits.

The term rabbit ears pertain to a player who hears things maybe too much for his good. A player who gets scared or chokes as teammates or supporters scream out or razz him has rabbit ears. Often, this is represented by a judge who takes up each argument he has received from the dugouts.


The theory of rabbit ears is that all you say is heard by an umpire, usually one who seems to have no other thing to do than recall all your words. Some boundaries cannot be crossed when irritated by a wrong decision but expect the general trash talk as part of the game. Sadly, or luckily depending on your opinion, there are disagreements over nothing, which lead to shouting, dirt kicking, and ejections.

Often, a coach chatting between balls or entrances as an umpire from a home plate makes miscalls with the strike area. Then he does his duty to begin making calls to his players. Any arbitrators don’t care about anything. Others offend and potentially give a coach or the whole squad a note. There is a justification for the umpire to strike back as the coach instigates arguments. An arbitrator who makes a point delays the game for everybody.

The players need not inform the umpire of the bench anything explicitly. There are some chatting and grievances here, but the arbitration will and can lead to a player’s ejection. The challenge is where there is a small chat, and the referee chooses to set an example. Umpires are the field authority and therefore say at your own risk what you want.


There is a minor problem in middle school or high school in the Big Leagues with arbitraries getting rabbit ears. There is a way to mentor, arbitrate and play the game at the Major League level. Most on the ground know this code and how things are done so that minor conflicts don’t take place too often. Arbitrators are most likely to engage in lawsuits and disputes at the college and high school levels. They may be part-time arbitrators and offenders as players or trainers pretend to know more about football than baseball.