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Pacific Coast League Joe Di Maggio

In Western, Midwestern, and South East USA, the Pacific Coast League (PCL) was a Minor League Baseball league. It was one of the three companies in the Triple-A category with the International League and the Mexican League, one grade below Major League Baseball. Hence, the Pacific Coast League was formally called. The office was in Round Rock, Texas. The Triple-A West has been substituted for the PCL.

In the first half of the 20th century, the PCL was one of the first regional baseball leagues. Although never known as a genuine leading league it aspired to, its play standard was considered excellent. Several of the top stars of the time were League products, including Joe Di Maggio and Ted Williams. The new Pacific Coast League era started with each team signing Player Development Contracts in 1958 when big League Franchises arrived on the west coast, and significant televised league games were opened.

Brief History

On 29 December 1902, when officials from the California State League (1899-1902) gathered in San Francisco to expand the League beyond California, the Pacific Coast League was created. It has been awarded six franchises: the Oakland Oaks, Los Angeles Angels, Sacramento Senators, Portland Beavers, and Seattle Indians. The dispute over the Pacific Northwest League territory, where PCL placed franchising and encouraging blacklisted players to participate, led to the PCL being labeled a blacklist League by the National Association (Minor League Baseball).

The mild west coastal climate, especially in California, permitted the League to play for longer seasons, often from the end of February until the end of December. The teams played consistently from 170 to 200 games in a season up to the late 1950s. This helped players, who often were minor leaguers throughout their careers, develop their skills, receive a month or two extra, and minimize the need to pursue off-season jobs. These longer seasons have offered owners the chance to produce more profits. Another result was that players from the Pacific Coast League hold a host of all-time minor records for seasonal statistical totals. On 26 March, the start of the 1903 season, consisting of over 200 scheduled games per player. The Los Angeles Angels have ended the season with 133-78, making them champions in the first League.

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