Meat has a lot of meaning in baseball. Sometimes, it could refer to the bat. Other times, it could refer to the baseball team’s line-up, and it could also mean a lousy pitcher.


As for the bat, the meat means the barrel or the fat end of the bat. It is not the very end of the bat. It is that area which the batter uses to make contact with the ball.


Meat could also mean the line-up of the baseball team. It is referred to as the meat because it is the baseball team’s middle line-up and usually contains the strongest hitters.


In the movie “Bull Durham,” meat is also used in baseball to refer to a rookie. However, that rookie is not just any other rookie because he gets referred to as meat only if he has more physical talent than intellectual smarts. Usually, the baseball team’s veteran teammates where the rookie belongs will refer to him as the meat because they tend to target the rookie easily as the subject of practical jokes and shenanigans.


As for the instance when meat gets used to describe an ineffective pitcher, it means that the pitcher throws easy pitches that the batter can hit any time. The opposing team will then call the pitches or even the pitcher as meat. This type of pitch could also be referred to as a meatball.

How to Pitch Better

To be an effective pitcher and hopefully make the batter strikeout, there are many things that a pitcher can do. One of the most common tips one can put in mind is always asking the pitcher to practice, but not to the point that he strains his muscles. Being the pitcher requires a lot of arm work, and if he is scheduled to play in a couple of days, it is best not to practice days before the actual game.

Another tip for the pitcher to avoid pitching meatballs is by constantly changing his style of pitching. He should never be predictable to the batter because he must still catch the batter by surprise.

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