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Although each team of MLBs has famous players in their hometown, they make a name for themselves outside their town. It is likely a positive thing because the player does enough to draw fans’ interest and admiration while he plays for a team. Most times, though, a player is known, and they dislike him too much everywhere they go. The truth is that certain people are jerks, and baseball players are no exception.

Baseball jerk explains that in order to strike the ball, usually, the ball is pulled over the fence for a run at home. For players and managers, baseball takes a lot of discipline. At the batting end, it can take time to wait for the right pitch. Managers must perfectly align their teams with the guys who are better placed to win, as in any sport. Baseball is predictable, really random, and it shows that people may have multi-dimensional identities, and the labeling of a jerk is rather superficial. Some baseball players are considered irritating or unpleasant with their fan base, or only people in general.

Top 5 Baseball Jerk

  1. A.J. Pierzynski

He was one of the most despised baseball players and was called a jerk consistently throughout his career. Although the White Sox welcomed him, he was only a season away from San Francisco. His fight with Cubs catcher Michael Barrett is iconic, as Barrett’s smile brought smiles to more than a few Cubs and Baseball Fans.

  1. Cap Anson

He has been one of the greatest racists in professional sports history. He has virtually overshadowed his remarkable career and is often the only thing that people identify with him is being a jerk during a game.

  1. Jeff Kent

He was a player who had frequent trouble getting along with his teammates and the public, boiling all over the back in 2002 with Barry Bonds. It was also a source of concern that Kent contributed $15,000 to Proposition 8 backers contradicting same-sex marriage in the state of California and led the people to call him a jerk.

  1. Ty Cobb

He is one of the most hated and dirtiest players to play baseball. That is why people call him a jerk. He lived and breathed baseball and could do whatever he needed to win a game, but he took it too many times. Cobb was very gross, from sharpening his spikes to fighting a snubber fan.

  1. Barry Bonds

Bonds has an immense ego, but it is seen to put his success ahead of the sport itself that he has taken the all-time history as a cheater. He clashed with coworkers, despised the media, and was finally pushed out of the game because nobody decided to sign him and carry his luggage.

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