One of the most known benefits of this common hobby is that it can be very physical. Baseball takes a lot of running, versatility, and stability to play nine innings. When you strive, like moving further or moving too fast, to meet necessary fitness targets or more extensive, baseball is ideal for you to achieve them. The highest strength of the body is rapidly developed by tossing a pitch and swinging a bat. Ballplayers also spend more time working on their upper strength in order to strengthen their swing.

In every sport, some phrases are coined due to unpredictable situations in the game. One example is the phrase human rain delay. It pertains to a batter that takes a lot of time to prepare and get ready. It is a ludicrous term for a player that plays very well, like a pitcher who takes a while between pits or a hitter that often moves out of the batter’s box.


The great term “The Human Rain Delay” is given to Mike Hargrove. As a player, each appearance of the plate will take Hargrove about 15 minutes. Here, with his gloves, helmet, and trousers, he often stepped out of the batter’s box. But that was his strategy because he was pushing the pitchers. He was a former first baseman and manager in Major League Baseball. Hargrove currently works as a consultant for the Cleveland Indians.

Hargrove earned the nickname for his deliberate routine before each day and before every pitch “The Human Rain Delay.” After pitching from the batter’s box and starting the routine, he fixed his helmet, changed a sleeve, made sure that his hands are in the proper position, especially his thumb, tugged each sleeve about one centigrade inch, wiped every hand on his uniform pants, and sometimes repeated the whole process before finally performing the move.

The feature was well known and often commented on by broadcasters at the end of Hargrove’s career. His fine bat control, which allowed him to trample countless pitches over. Until today, announcers still use the human rain delay term whenever there is a player who works so slow compared to players’ regular movements in the game. It is an excellent strategy to guarantee that every move is perfect and avoid mistakes during the game.