Fastball is the first pitch to master from a fast-pitch softball team, and it is the base of all pitches. You will only be able to throw it where you like with trust, power, and trust if you try to practice another pitch after perfecting your fastball technique. Only a few minor technological improvements are required to learn a new pitch using the fastball as a base. There are also types of pitchers like a gascan, which you need to be aware of.

A gascan pertains to a pitcher who runs in bunches, even in premature conditions—called if he will fill a fire with gas. A firefighter or ace relief pitcher may be the opposite of this term because the pitcher put gas on the fire instead of eliminating the fire or cooling it down. It is similar to a power pitcher because these guys throw tough and are often called fireballers or flamethrowers. Today, in the 90s, a strong power pitcher can throw even 100 miles per hour. They might not be as moving in the air, but it is challenging for the batters to “catch them” before they get into the captors.

Tips for Gascan

Pitchers who perform gascan have different grips, but a four-speed grip is the most widely used. All four seams are sliced into the air as the ball rotates with this grip. Keep the ball so that the seams shape the ‘C’ letter. When you begin the delivery, both feet need to hit the plate or rubber of the pitcher. Stand exactly behind the catcher, with the hip-width of the feet apart. If you pitch left or right-handed, put the heel of your push-off foot on the front of the rubber on your right head. Place your other leg’s foot on the back of the rubber, your stride leg. Grip the ball, place it together with your glove and keep your glove just under your waist.

The swing of your arm begins by raising the heel of your push-off foot and moving your weight back onto your steep knee, then going to the push-off football. Place down the throwing arm through this weight transfer and swing sideways, palm it down to the ground. Turn your movement when doing gascan and wave your arm in a circular motion, forward, up, then back to the release point. Turn your palm over at the top of the rollover and spread your glove arm. As your arm stretches straight out, rotate your hand.

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