Baseball is a sport that has so many terms unique to it. These are called chatter. Baseball chatter is often playful phrases or chants from the fielders as they show their support for the team they are yelling for.

  • If you want to support the pitchingteam, these are the chatters youcould say to the batter who is notplaying that well:

Good cut – This means that the batter missed the ball.

Now you’ve seen it – This term often gets used when the batter takes a strike one.

Watch the junk – You can yell this if you believe the pitcher will throw a curveball or a change-up.

Protect the plate – This phrase gets frequently used when the batter needs only one more to strikeout.

It’s in the gap, or it’s dropping – Whenever the batter hit a ball in between fielders, but he doubts if he is safe or out, you can use this phrase.

  • If you are cheering for the batter:

Good hustle or Get ‘em next time – These are comforting phrases you can use for someone who just grounded out.

What do ya say (number of the batter) – If you want to show support or wish the batter to do well.

  • If you want to show support to thepitcher:

Don’t lose him – This can get used when there is a full count on the batter.

Deep breath now – Whenever you feel like the pitcher is rushing and it could affect the game, say this phrase out loud.

Let him hit it – If the pitcher is struggling to throw strikes, you tell him to let the batter hit. The defense will then take care of the rest so the batter’s team will not score.

Focus and fire – This phrase is encouragement chatter for pitchers. The viewers can yell this when the pitcher finds it difficult to zone into the strike zone.

There are so many more baseball chatters, and you have to research it to support the team you want to cheer for. Chatters are part of the game, and you should join in and have fun using them.

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