Baseball is one of the most famous sports in the world that require endurance, agility, and speed. It is crucial to have basic knowledge in the game if you aspire to be a professional player in the future. However, even the path will not be easy, it is still worth it to try and work hard for your dreams. Hence, the term chase was coined due to the need of the players to chase after the ball and prevent a home run.

Despite the many obstacles in the game, the players need to do their best to win. There are many techniques that players study and learn in chasing or catching the ball. It requires serious training to master every strategy and ensure victory in the game. Aside from that understanding, the term chase is easy because it simply means to chase after the ball.

History of Chase

Many players are not aware of how the phrase chase originated. A player named Harold Homer Chase was a federal league champion of a home run in 1915. He was known as ‘Prince Hal’ because he is one of the best fielders in his position during that time. Because of his ability to chase the ball, even how far and complicated the hit, he can still catch it in a short time. That is why he was named Hal Chase, which pertains to the outstanding ability in chasing the ball.

How to Do Chase?

In the rules of baseball, the batter needs to hit the ball far away. Because when the opponent catches the ball, the point is over, and the team members cannot run to the bases. Therefore the best option is to perform the chase. It puts pressure on the pitcher and the catcher because the goal is to make a pitch that will enable an easy catch of the ball. It is done to prevent a home run from the opposing.

When the catcher catches the ball after the hit, then it is time for the other team to score a home run. The faster the catcher catches the ball and passes it to the base, the more difficult for the opposing team to run into the base. That is why the chase requires proper training and professional knowledge in the game.

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