Cellar pertains to the spot in the league. Cellar, in ordinary language, is a synonym for basement. This is the lowest floor in a building or a house. So, if they cellar in baseball, it pertains to the team in the last place. They are at the lowest spot in a division or a league.

How Do You End Up in the Cellar?

There are many ways how baseball teams lose and end up in the cellar. Here are some of the actions leading to losses:

  • Pitchers

When you are a pitcher, you are expected to be great at it, so the batter or hitter will miss the ball and get strikes. However, if you are the pitcher and do not try to get the batter confused, he will surely hit that ball. To lose a game, a lousy pitcher also ignores the base runners. If you do not want to let your team end up in the cellar, you should look at these baserunners and always try to take them out by being fast with the ball.

As a pitcher, you should also know how to assess the situation without panicking. If you think your team is already losing, you have to keep your focus to not get far behind from the winning team.

  • Catchers

Baseball is a team game, and the members must all be aware of what is happening. A catcher is just as important as any member of the team. A catcher lets his team go to the cellar list if he fails to block the pitches in the dirt, neglects to call plays for the infield and pitchers, loses focus, allows a passed ball, and shows up the umpire.

If You Get Tasked as the Catcher, Avoid these Mistakes

  • Infielders

If you are an infielder, you can take any of the four positions: first base, second base, third base, and shortstop. Generally, the first three basemen have responsibility for the plays at their respective bases, and sometimes the shortstop shares the responsibility for the second base. You can let your team be in the cellar list if you are not in your proper position, failing to call loudly on the pop flies, failing to execute a tag play or a run down, and failing to take command on popup opportunities.

  • Outfielders

The primary duty of the outfielder is to catch the fly balls and get the ground balls. He has to be speedy to return the ball to the infield before the runner advances. A bad outfielder is one who does not run after the fly balls, who throws the ball back to the infield but to the wrong base and failing to charge ground balls or call loudly on fly balls.

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