Catbird Seat

A catbird seat in baseball is a phrase used to talk about a fortunate or lucky position. One has the upper hand or great advantage in the game when this term gets used in baseball.

Term Popularized by Baseball Broadcaster

A catbird seat was a term popularized by Red Barber, a longtime broadcaster for the Brooklyn Dodgers. One example concerning this situation is when the batter has three balls and no strikes on him.

To prevent the batter from sitting pretty, pitchers should follow these tips:

  • Pitch Inside

It is an instinct for a pitcher to pitch outside, so the batter’s chance of hitting it is lesser. However, because batters already know that strategy, they trained to hit even if the pitch is outside. Now, if you pitch inside and focus on directing it towards the player’s elbow or knee, the odds of them making contact with the ball is little to none.

  • Know Which Way to Throw

Even if pitchers get advised to pitch inside, they should determine whether to throw inside or outside. If you keep on throwing inside and never outside, the batters will catch up to your technique, and it might even blow up on your face. If you keep pitching outside, they can also easily hit it. So, you have to know when to throw inside or outside and be unpredictable.

  • Change Up Your Pitching Style

If the batter does not hit your first pitch, do not do the same pitch style for the second time. You should be full of surprises, so the batter does not know what’s coming his way. If you do this, you will get in the batter’s head and make him feel confused as to what will happen next. That way, he will lose focus and be out of the game.

  • Stay Focused and Relaxed

If your hitter or batter is in the catbird seat, it is okay. Just remember never to lose your focus and get your head in the game. Pitchers are very important, and if they lose their focus, there is a good chance their team will lose the game.

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