The baserunner is a term used in Baseball to describe a tactical person in charge of the runners and batters, so they can swiftly advance to another base, including the home base. Recently, the Official Baseball Rules tells that the batter-runner can be identified from the time the base runner becomes a batter-runner until the end game. If the player successfully kept the first base to the home base, then he can apply to become the base runner. The runner shall then score a run while putting their team for the third inning or he should be left on base.

Running the Bases

His primary role is to advance from one base to another, which he has been entitled to do so if he wasn’t tagged out by the opposing team. Once the batter hits the ball, the runners should be tactical and quick enough to proceed to the next base on any fair ball that may touch the ground. If the flyball is still in the air, the runners should be responsible for speedily running to the next bases. At the same time, they always have to be quick in advancing while the ball is alive, so he has to prepare before the pitcher throws the pitch.

The Strategy of a Baserunner

The infielder’s responsibility is to field the ball hit while throwing the pitch accurately to the other base of about 90 feet. While the ball is alive, the baserunner should not hesitate to run, until he’s good to go to another base. If the team’s baserunner has a poor defensive skill, the other would take advantage of it. Baserunning and hitting should be interrelated with each other for better gameplay, especially when the team’s attempting the squeeze play. Sliding is also important, where the runner should touch the base just in case he can’t make it to the base on time.

Characteristic of a Baserunner

The baserunners should be good observant and quick-witted, that his eyes are already set for running. He also had to be a speedy runner, so he can avoid the other team from tagging him. The distance from one base to the other base is 90 feet, so he has to practice his running skill before joining in the game.