Ball in Play is a common phrase being used in Baseball to describe a situation where the umpire shall call “play.” If this happened, the ball is called out “alive” after the umpire declared “Play.” When the ball is dead, no players have to play anymore, unless the umpire had caught an illegal play to delay the game or when the umpire had called out for a timeout. No runs should also be recorded when the ball is dead, except when the umpire decided that runners can advance at least one base as a result of some certain acts that happened while the ball was alive.

What Happens if the Ball in Play was Illegally Batted?

The normal reaction when the ball is illegally batted or if the ball wasn’t called, the runner should return from his previous base. The umpire should wait for the ball in play until it’s time for the runners have repositioned their bases. When an accident happened to prevent players from proceeding at least base, a substitute is allowed to play for the injured player.

What’s the Objective?

Every position has different objectives in approaching the Ball in Play. For once, the offensive has to make the runners advance from one base to another or to make every runner their runners. Meanwhile, the defensive team’s goal has to prevent the opposing team to become runners and to advance around the bases. When the batter becomes a runner, he is bound to score for the team. Some players are getting aggressive in playing baseball, and that’s understandable. At the heat of the game, players will do everything that they can to make everything an advantage to score for the team.

The Delaying Tactics Against the Ball is Alive

Everyone wants to see a good play, but not every player is feeling the same time, especially when they’re on the losing side. If they wanted to delay the victory of the other team, they have to do everything that they can for the umpire to declare that the ball is dead. Sometimes, the plate umpire might interfere with the game and unhelpful to the runners advancing. When the ball is dead, then the chief umpires shall declare a timeout.