An automatic strike is a term used in baseball to describe how the batter refuses his batter position during an at-bat. If this happens, the batter may be called out by the baseball officials. However, if the batter wanted to get out from the batter’s box, then he should request a timeout from the umpire and get the umpire’s approval before doing so. At this rate, the ball is dead and all runners cannot go from one base to another. Primarily, it’s the striker’s and batters’ roles to call strikes within the strike zone, yet in the rarest occasions, it shall be considered as an automatic strike.

Reasons for Automatic Strike

An automatic can be considered for many reasons, such as the batter refusing his position in the batter’s box. At the same time, if the batter decided to leave the pitcher during the pitch, it’s still be considered an automatic strike. According to the batter’s box rules and regulations, the batter has to put his foot at least one foot within the batter’s box during at-bat momentum. However, there might be exceptions, such as avoiding getting hit by the ball. If this happened, then the umpire should issue a timeout or a wild pitch is being thrown.

Automatic Strike in the National League

Some rules are changed when the teams proceed to the National League. One change being made is when the batter had left the batter’s box while delaying the game. This would make the umpire pursue an automatic strike. The consequences for the automatic depends on the level of the league the teams are joining. Meanwhile, the automatic strike can only be considered if the batter has hit the batter while the catcher is swinging the bat. This decision would be upon the discretion of the umpire. Unfortunately for the runners, they could not advance to the next base if the umpire called for an automatic strike.

The Decision Maker

To call an automatic strike has to be based on the umpire’s decision and he usually has a final say whenever this happened. The scorer would then record an automatic putout just in case the batter was called off by the automatic strike. During the automatic strike, many players will be affected, especially the runners who will be prevented from scoring.