In baseball, players and managers believe in many superstitions. One of which is the 2-2-2. The 2-2-2 means 2 balls, 2 strikes, and 2 outs.

What Happens When There Is A 2-2-2

Initially called “Twosies,” what happens when there is a 2-2-2 depends on whether you are in the field or pitching.

Accordingly, if you are up and it is 2-2-2, you must turn your hat crown down just like a beggar. It signifies that you are asking for something good to hit.

If you are pitching and it is 2-2-2, you have to turn your hat crown up as if people will not give you money in your hat if you were a beggar. Having the hat crown up signifies, “Do not give him anything good to hit.”

Other teams take their hats out and shake them. When the 2-2-2 takes place, they put their hats on with their right hand then take it off with their left hand. The process gets repeated until the batter strikes out, the pitcher hits the batter, the pitcher throws a ball, or the batter gets a hit.

Why Baseball Has Lots of Superstitions

Baseball is one of the games that have the most superstitions. Accordingly, baseball players perform elaborate and repetitive routines before they pitch or bat because they believe it made them win in the past. Superstitions are usually popular with teams who are having a remarkable streak. The winning team players are very determined to keep winning, so they would do whatever they can to make sure the game is always in their favor.

Anything that happens before a game, whether good or bad, could lead to a new superstition belief by the players.

Other Superstitions in Baseball

Some of the rituals and superstitions in baseball include the following:

• Never step on the chalk lines, whether they are on or off the field. • Eating a specific meal unique to the team before each game. • Jumping over the foul line or not stepping over the foul line when taking the field or retiring to the sides• Performing batting stance rituals • Using the same bat until the player gets a bad hit • Leaving the pitcher alone on the day of the start of the game • Pointing to the skies after a successful homerun • Having lucky bats and gloves • Not shaving on the day of the game

There are other superstitions and rituals done by baseball players, but these are the most common.