In baseball, “bandbox” is a term reserved for a small ballpark. Associated with these small ballparks is the ease of hitting home runs. While the term was tied to a specific ballpark in the United States, it has since been used to describe other ballparks. “Bandbox” is an unofficial term used for small baseball stadiums.

The Original Bandbox - Baker Bowl in Philadelphia, USA

The Baker Bowl in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania was given the original moniker of “bandbox”. The formal name of Baker Bowl was National League Park or Philadelphia Base Ball Grounds. The ballpark had 12,500 seats. It encompassed a small city block in Philly.

Origin of the Word Bandbox

The word “bandbox” or “band-box”, pertains to a cardboard box meant to store a hat. It was used widely in the early 20th century, but both the usage and the object have since gone obsolete. The ballpark was built in 1887 and underwent several modifications through the years. A modified Baker Bowl was revealed to the public in 1895.

The Modern-day Bandbox

A good example of a modern-day baseball park that favors home-run hitters is Rogers Center (formerly SkyDome), which is the home of the Toronto Blue Jays. Rogers Center opened in 1989.


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