Charlotte Knights

Country United States United States
City Charlotte, North Carolina
Founded 1976

Charlotte Knights is a minor league baseball team that represents Charlotte, North Carolina. Being a Triple-A affiliate of the Chicago White Sox of the American League, the team plays in the International League.

The team was first founded as Charlotte Hornets in 1901 after which, in 1976, it was renamed the Charlotte Orioles. Again in 1987, the founder of the NBA Charlotte Hornets, George Shinn bought the team and renamed it the Charlotte Knights and got an affiliation with Chicago Cubs.

Later in 1993, the team acquired an International League place as the AAA affiliate of the Cleveland Indians, while in 1996 the Knights became the AAA affiliate of the Florida Marlins before another contract was negotiated with the Chicago White Sox in 1998, which is their present affiliation.

The 2009 season will be the team’s 22nd year overall and 11th year as the AAA affiliate of the Chicago White Sox. In the current season the team has won 32 games and lost 40 with a 4th place in the table.

Major Achievements

The Knights have won two Governors’ Cup, International League Championship in 1993 and 1999.

The Charlotte Hornets, as they were called before, were the North Carolina League Champions for three years in 1902, 1916 and 1923, Piedmont League Champions in 1931 and1938, Tri-State League Champions in 1946, 1947 and 1952, and Southern League Champions in 1971.

Also, the Charlotte Orioles were Southern League Champions in 1984.

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