France national baseball team

Country France France
City France

France national baseball team is controlled by the Fédération Francaise de Base-ball Softball et Cricket and is a member of the CEB. It is ranked 27th in the new IBAF world baseball rankings.

The French national team played its first ever official game against Spain in 1929, before making its debut in 1955 in the finals of the second European Baseball Championship, where they finished 5th among 5 teams.

European Baseball Championship

France has played most of their baseball in the European Baseball Championships, their best finish being 3rd in 1999.

Intercontinental Cup

France have finished 10th twice in the three times they participated in the tournament, with their best finish being a 7th place in 1997.

Baseball World Cup

France’s performance in the IBAF World Cup has been less than impressive having finished 16th, 15th and 15th in 1994, 2001 and 2003 respectively.

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