The *Pittsburgh Pirates’ are a Major League Baseball club located in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania. They play in the Central Division of the National League.StadiumThe Pirates have played at PNC Park since 2001. They initially played at Exposition Park from 1882 to 1883, Recreation Park from 1884 to 1890, Exposition Park (rebuilt) from 1891-1909, Forbes Field from 1909 to 1970, and Three Rivers Stadium from 1970 to 2000. *Nickname’The Pirates began life as the Pittsburgh Alleghenies. There was internecine warfare between various clubs in the early 1890s, and the Alleghenies “pirated” a player from thePhiladelphia Athletics. They embraced the accusation and changed their name to the Pirates.

HistoryProfessional baseball has been played in the Pittsburgh area since 1876. In 1882 the strongest team in the area joined the American Association as a founding member. After five mediocre seasons in the A.A., Pittsburgh became the first A.A. team to switch to the older National League in 1887. At this time, the team renamed itself the Pittsburgh Alleghenys.

Country United States United States
City Pittsburgh
Founded 1882
Ground PNC Park
Nickname Pirates, Bucs, Buccos
Coach Derek Shelton

In 1891, the team changed their name to the Pirates (although this name would not show up on the uniforms until 1912).

*Record By Decade1891-1899Ned Hanlon coached the Pittsburgh Pirates in their first season with the new name. He was then succeeded by Al Buckenberger who coached for three winning seasons. Connie Mack took over in 1895, and also coached for two winning seasons. Patsy Donovan had a single losing season, in 1897, and was replaced by Bill Watkins who coached out the decade.1900-1909Fred Clarke coached the team for the entire decade, and led them to their first World Series in 1909 (a year in which they also went 110-42.1910-1919Fred Clarke continued to coach unti 1915, but his last two seasons were losing ones. In 1916, Nixey Callahan took over for two years, and then Hugo Bezdek took over and finished out the decade.1920-1929George Gibson took over in 1920 and coached for three winning seasons, before being replaced by Bill McKechnie, who coached for four winning seaons, and won a World Series in 1925. Donie Bush took over in 1927, and coached out the decade.1930-1939Jewel Ens coached in 1930 and 1931, then George Gibson returned and coached for three seasons. Pie Traynor took over in 1935 and coached for the rest of the decade.1940-1949Frankie Frisch coached from 1940 to 1946. He had only one losing season, in 1942 and in his final season, 1946. Billy Herman and then Bill Burwell got their chance in 1947. Billy Meyer took over for 1948 and 1949. 1950-1959Billy Meyer continued to coach until 1952, when the team went 42-112. Fred Haney took over for three years, but was unable to get the team to .400. Bobby Bragan took over for two years, and did get the team over .400, then Danny Murtaugh took over for the last two years of the decade and had two seasons over .500.1960-1969Danny Murtaugh continued to coach until 1964. His best year was in 1960, when the team won the World Series. Harry Walker took over in 1965 and lasted for three seasons. Larry Shepard took over in 1968 and coached out the decade.1970-1979Danny Murtaugh returned in 1970 and coached until 1971. Bill Virdon then coached for two years. Danny Murtaugh returned yet again, and coached for a further three years. Chuck Tanner took over in 1977, and in 1979 the team won the World Series again.1980-1989Chuck Tanner continued to coach unti 1985. That was a bad season, the Pirates posted a record of 57-104. Jim Leyland took over the next yea, and coached out the decade. 1990-1999Leyland continued to coach until 1996, when he was replaced by Gene Lamont. *2000-2008’Gene Lamont’s final year was in 2000, he never had a winning season in his three years there. Lloyd McClendon took over for four years, and also never posted a winning season. Jim Tracy was given a shot, but posted two losing seasons. John Russell took over in 2008.