Horace Junior Grant is a retired professional basketball player. The 6’10” power forward from Augusta, Georgia was drafted by the Chicago Bulls of the 1987 NBA draft in the first round. On-court, Grant was well-known for his wraparound glasses that he used to protect his eyes.

While growing up, Grant attended the Clemson University in Georgia and played basketball for his college team. After being drafted by the Bulls, Grant partnered with Scottie Pippen to from a strong forward for his team. In 1989, Grant took up to guard the front line-up of his team when leading defender Charles Oakley was traded with the New York Nicks. Grant ascertained himself as a popular rebounder and ended up being the third highest scorer after Michael Jordan in the lead and Pippen following him.

Position Power Forward
Height / weight 2.08 m / 111 kg
Born 4 Jul 1965
Nationality United States United States

Playing for the Bulls, Grant saw his team winning three successive NBA championships from 1990-91 till 1992-93. In 1994, while playing the NBA All-Star Game, Grant scored 4 points with 8 rebounds in just 17 minutes. Grant had his career highest scores with the Bulls at 15.1 points per game, 11.0 rebounds per game and 3.4 assists per game.

In 1994, Grant signed up with the Orlando Magic as a free agent and helped them go up to the finals of 1995 NBA championships. Grant stayed with Magic for 7 more seasons until 1999 when he was traded with the Seattle Supersonics. Again in 2000, he joined the Los Angeles Lakers in a 4-team trade and stayed with them for a year. He signed up as a free agent with the Orlando Magic in 2001 and then in 2003, joined the Lakers as a free agent.

In 2002-03 season, Grant retired from basketball but stayed with the Lakers for one more season as a back-up player. Following a Lakers’ defeat at the 2004 NBA finals, Grant retired permanently.

He has acquired 12,996 points during his NBA career, with 9443 rebounds, 2575 assists and 1143 steals. He averages at 11.2 points per game with leading scores of 15.1 coming from the 1993-94 season.

Career Highlights

He is a 4-time champion with the Lakers and the Bulls.

Grant appeared for the NBA Finals for 6 times during his entire career.

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