Wilton Lopez is a professional baseball player from Nicaragua who plays as a pitcher. Lopez began his playing career in 2007, when he was signed on as a free agent by the San Diego Padres. Lopez began playing in the A-League where he had a 3.30 ERA in 22 games before being promoted to the Advanced A-League.

In the Advanced A-League, with the Lake Elsinore Storm, Lopez took time to find his footing and in 2007, ended the last 22 games of the season with a 6.10 ERA but still managing a 2-1 record. He began 2008 with the Storm and this time ‘round, had a better stint that lasted 30 games. With an ERA of 2.64 and a 2-1 record, Lopez found himself being sent to the AA-League to play with the San Antonio Missions. After 27 games and a 4.93 ERA, Lopez was sent up to the AAA-League to play for the Portland Beavers in one game.

Lopez was traded out to the Houston Astros at the end of the season and began 2009 in the AAA-League. A 4-5 record in 29 games at an ERA of 4.73 later, Lopez was called up to the MLB roster and has, so far, played 2 games without any major contribution to the Astros.

Team Houston Astros Houston Astros
Position Pitcher
Born 19 Jul 1983
Nationality Nicaragua Nicaragua
Team History
Houston Astros Houston Astros 2009 - present

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