Aaron Boone

Team Houston Astros Houston Astros
Position Third Base
Born Mar 9, 1973
Nationality United States United States
Team History
Houston Astros Houston Astros 2009 - present
Washington Nationals Washington s 2008 - 2009
Miami Marlins Miami Marlins 2007 - 2008

Aaron John Boone is a professional baseball player from the United States of America and plays primarily as a third baseman although he has been known to play at first base as well. Boone played at the University of Southern California before being picked by the Cincinnati Reds at the 1994 MLB Amateur Draft at 72nd overall.

Boone was born to Bob Boone, a former catcher and manager, in a family that was overrun with baseball stars. Boone is the brother of Bret Boone, an All-Star player as well as 4-time golden glove winner as well as Matt Boone, a minor league player in the Reds’ organization. Aaron Boone is also the grandson of former major league star, Ray Boone.

Boone made his way up the Reds’ organization and made his debut in 1997, in the Majors. He started in the Rookie League with the Billings Mustangs and with a .273 batting average and 55 RBI, made it directly to the Advanced A-League with the Winston- Salem Warthogs in 1995.

The same year, he moved up to the Chattanooga Lookouts after a .261 batting average with the WartHogs over 108 games. Ending 1995 with the Lookouts, Boone began 1996 with the same team, making his way up after 136 games through the entire season. A .288 batting average and 95 RBI season later, Boone was all set to begin 1997 with the Indianapolis Indians in the AAA-League.

After just 3 games in the AAA-League, Boone got a call up to the MLB roster for 16 games. With 12 hits in 49 at-bats, Boone had a batting average of .245 as he saw out the end of the season at the Cincinnati Reds. Boone began 1998 in the AAA-League and after 87 games, made his way up to the MLB roster for 58 games where he batted at an impressive .282.

In 1999, the same trend continued with Boone starting in the AAA-League where he played just 11 games before being brought up to the Reds for 139 games where he batted at .280 with 132 hits and 72 RBI. The following year, his performance meant that he would start the season in the Majors where he had another good year with a .285 batting average and with 12 home runs and 43 RBI in his 83 hits.

An injury lay-off brought an early end to Boone’s season and started 2001 in the AAA-League with the Louisville Riverbats. Playing just 1 game, he came back to the Reds and with a bang. A .294 batting average in 381 at-bats with 112 hits saw Boone become a major contributor to the team’s fortunes. In 2002, he had a relatively poor season and although he played every game and set a career high at-bat stat with 606. Just 146 hits meant that he would have a .241 batting average with 26 homers, another career high.

In 2003, although Boone began with the Cincinnati Reds and after 106 games & a batting average of .273, he was traded out to the New York Yankees. Boone ended the 2003 season in the American League, with the Yankees, and played 54 games at .254. In early 2004, Boone suffered a knee-ligament injury and the Yankees decided to release him as the injury occurred in a pick-up basketball game, against the terms of his contract.

In 2005, despite the Yankees wanting to sign him up again, to play second base this time, Boone decided to sign up with the Cleveland Indians for a 2-year contract. Boone had two average seasons with the Indians and with batting averages of .243 and .251 before heading out to the Florida Marlins for a year. Playing just one game for the Jupiter Hammerheads, Boone was then called up to the Marlins’ roster for the Majors and played 69 games at a .286 batting average while hitting 54 times in 189 at-bats.

In December that year, Boone signed up with the Washington Nationals for a 1-year deal but after playing just one game with the Gulf Coast Nationals in the Rookie League, he was moved up to the Columbus Clippers in the AAA-League for 3 games. Boone was called up to the Washington Nationals for 104 games. Boone only managed a .241 batting average in 232 at-bats and at the end of the season, signed a one-year deal with the Houston Astros in 2008.

In March of 2009, Boone decided to undergo an open-heart surgery to replace a valve that was causing problems since childhood. Recent tests had indicated that the condition was getting worse and it was inevitable that Boone would go under the knife. Despite initial doubts about whether Boone would ever be able to play baseball again, he made his return to the sport in August, playing for the Corpus Christi Hooks in the AA-League.

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