Dan Uggla

Team Miami Marlins Miami Marlins
Position Second Base
Born Mar 11, 1980
Nationality United States United States
Team History
Miami Marlins Miami Marlins 2006 - present

Daniel Cooley Uggla is a professional baseball player from the United States of America and plays as a second baseman. Uggla is born to Swedish parents and his lineage is said to pass into an untitled branch of a Swedish Noble family and the last name means “Owl”.

Uggla went to the Columbia Central High School from where he graduated in 1998. Uggla then went on to attend the University of Memphis and was easily one of the star players for the team, especially after his junior season. Baseball America, Baseball Weekly and Collegiate Baseball, all named Uggla to the first team All-American lineup in 2001.

Uggla declared for the 2001 MLB Draft and was picked at 338th overall by the Arizona Diamondbacks. Uggla would spend the next five years working his way up the Diamondbacks organization and had a career .276 batting average in the minors. 64 homers and 311 RBIs were a decent record to carry into the AAA-League although the only issue was that despite getting to the age of 25, Uggla never made it past the AA-League.

After being left out of the 40-man Roster in 2005, the Florida Marlins swooped in to pick Uggla on a Rule 5 Draft. Brought into the Marlins’ team, Uggla went straight into the Majors despite never having played at the AAA-League level. 2006 started wonderfully for Uggla who played 154 games and had 611 at-bats, something that helped him get his 27 homers (breaking Joe Gordon’s Record of 24 for a Rookie Second Baseman) and 90 RBI with a batting average of .282 for the season. This meant that Uggla was in the race for the Rookie of the Year title however, he ended up third behind Hanley Ramirez and Ryan Zimmerman, the former being his teammate.

In his very first season in the MLB, Uggla was named to the 2006 MLB All Star Game as a reserve. Despite not carrying much popularity in the minor leagues as compared to some of his teammates, Uggla was suddenly thrust into the limelight after his rookie season and All-Star call up. Despite not winning the Rookie of the Year title, Uggla did win the Players Choice NL Roy award as well as the Rookie of the Year award given by Sporting News.

Uggla hit 88 RBI in the second year but hammered 31 into the stands however that didn’t prevent the Marlins from finishing dead last in the standings. Uggla’s batting average stood at .245 at the end of the season, not helped by a slump in form in April, followed by one in September when the bat jus seemed to thin and small.

In 2008, Uggla had a wonderful May when he became the record holder for most home runs in a month, by a Marlins player, after he hit 12 to pass Gary Sheffield. Extremely popular with the fans and the media, Landshark stadium, brings with it, Uggla’s own fan club called the “Uggla’s Ugglies”.

A .262 batting average with 32 home runs and 92 RBI in 531 at-bats meant that he would get a call up to the 2008 MLB All-Star for the second time in his short career. He was also a part of the 2008 MLB Home Run Derby where he finished 5th. He earned the ignominy of being the only player to commit three errors in a single All-Star game.

Uggla reached the 100 home run mark in June, 2009 and became the fastest second baseman to do so, in 34 games lesser than Alfonso Soriano.

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