Randy Alan Flores is a professional baseball player from the United States of America and specializes as a relief pitcher. Flores, brother of Ron Flores – also a pitcher in the MLB, went to the El Rancho High School. He graduated and went on to attend the University of Southern California. In his four years in college, he set various records in pitching, while graduating in 1997. Randy began his MLB career in 2002 when he made his debut for the Texas Rangers. After just 20 games for the team, he was traded out to the Colorado Rockies where he would play 8 more games for the season.

After spending 2003 in the minors, Flores went to the St. Louis Cardinals and became a regular starter with time. In his first season, he only played 9 games however in 2005, Flores was part of the rotation and played 50 games with the Cardinals. He ended 2005 with a 3-1 record and a 3.46 ERA to announce his arrival at the big stage.

The following season, Flores’ contribution to the team increased as he pitched 41.2 innings in 65 appearances. At a 1-1 record, his ERA rose to 5.62 and that was the reason why even though he played more games in 2006, he pitched the same number of innings as he had in 2005. However, for Flores, the highlight of the season would remain the 2006 World Series where the St. Louis Cardinals beat the Detroit Tigers by 4-1. Flores only pitched for 5 and 2/3rd innings in the post season campaign, however he didn’t give up a single earned run.

Team 159 colorado rockies Colorado Rockies
Position Pitcher
Born 31 Jul 1975
Nationality United States United States
Team History
159 colorado rockies Colorado Rockies 2009 - present
157 st louis cardinals St Louis Cardinals 2004 - 2008
173 texas rangers Texas Rangers 2002
159 colorado rockies Colorado Rockies 2002

Flores continued at the Cardinals for a couple of more years and although his contribution improved in 2007 with 70 appearances and a 4.25 ERA, he would soon drop off in the following season after an ERA of 5.26 in 25.2 innings meant that he was not doing a good enough job to demand more than his quota in the 43 games that he played.

In 2009, Flores would begin with a possibility of moving to the Colorado Rockies on a minor league contract and he decided to take it up. Along with the contract, Flores was also given an invite for the Spring Training session at the head of the season.

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